Community Engagement

Natural Forces is committed to establishing positive relationships with the community by means of public meetings and community consultation.  In doing so, we will address concerns pertaining to this proposed development raised by local residents and community members. The following is an estimated projected time line for the public consultation that will take place in accordance with the following schedule.

Sept-Nov 2011 – Discussions with local landowners, planners and council

Nov 2011 – Open house #1

May 2012 – Community Feed-In Tariff Approval

Sept 2012 – Open house #2

Sept 2012-Dec 2012 – Comprehensive consultation with the Hillside Boularderie and Area Concerned Citizens Group, councilors, other local residents, MLAs, local business owners, local Regional Development Agencies and CBRM planners

Dec 2012 – Website built

Feb 2013-Dec 2014 – First CLC nomination period

May 2013 – Open house #3

May 2013 – Second CLC nomination period

August 2013 – Community newsletter/ construction notice

July 2013 – Projected project construction start

Sept - Nov 2013 - Access road upgrades

December 2013 - Turbine foundations

May 2014 – Tower delivery

June 2014 –Tower installation, turbine/blade delivery

July 2014 –Turbine/rotor installation

August 2014 - Interconnection completion

August 2014 - Project commissioning

August 2034 – Project decommissioning

Throughout the length of the project’s development, construction, operational, and decommissioning phases, Natural Forces is committed to:

  • Constant consultation with residents of nearby communities
  • Continuous discussions with the local councilors, MLAs and business owners
  • Informing the public of the project's progress using this website, newsletters, public open houses, and press releases.


Please submit all questions, comments and concerns here.